Tips on how to Counter a Zealot Hurry in Starcraft 2 – Method Guide

Tips on how to Counter a Zealot Hurry in Starcraft 2 – Method Guide

As you already know, your standard zerglings are no match for that zealots, especially if There is certainly some type of zealot hurry early in the game that will most likely capture you off guard. You should be sure to are picking the right prospects to scout your opponent (not as well early, not also before long. And many others.

Scouting is essential in any match, I pylon sign cannot emphasize that adequate, if zealots get inside your base, they’re going to screw almost everything up, so you would like to be sure that you might be scouting your opponent often.

Go through your standard Make buy, but on 1v1 maps, you’ll want to scout a little bit faster because the zealots will obviously get to The bottom faster; nonetheless, With regards to larger maps, you’ll be able to wait a little bit longer to ship a employee out to scout your opponent.

  • You wish to look for conditions  wherein it appears like your opponent “sucks”. Like by way of example, you may go to their foundation and find out that they do not have Substantially up, they don’t have assimilators, pylons, employee, or a heightened variety of gateways.

Zealots tend not to Value any kind of gasoline, so lack of assimilators is a superb indication that they do not approach on utilizing fuel, they system on wiping you out with pure zealots.

Defending Against Zealot Hurry like a Zerg
A great way to protect from zealot hurry to be a zerg is to implement overlords and see In the event the zealot gamers is hurrying your foundation, overlords reduce pylons for being built-in your base, you desire to ensure that If they’re creating a gateway on their own base making use of 1 within your drones as scouting, that you simply make your spawning pool.

You furthermore mght would like to ensure that you Construct 2 backbone crawlers in the base and ensure They can be agasint the hatchery, make sure you Construct the queen relatively early, and some zerglings (two for each zealot.)

You wish to be sure you use your queens to vary the zealots and as soon as the zealots are weakened, you want to attack with both of those queens and zerglings. You should be able to start a pleasant counter attack since your opponent does not have fuel and will not produce air units, so remember that as well.

Countering to be a Protoss
To counter to be a protoss you’d like to create a choke place and You furthermore may would like to you should definitely scout, develop a pylon at the entrance If you have 8/ten provide then scout and make sure you Look at to discover if there is certainly going to be a rush. You also want to construct a gateway as well as a forge to build your chokepoint.

The only real way your zealots can defeat you is that if he destroys the properties or tries to break through your zealot wall, possibly case he’s lifeless mainly because photon cannons are relatively powerful.

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